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Highway construction in Balashiha


Highway construction in Balashiha

Due to realization of the project that is implementing multiple new intersections along the M7 “Volga” Highway and building of 3 new overpasses in Balashiha, including an overpass over the intersection between the Entusiasts Highway and Sovetskaya street, the state of affairs regarding the traffic should see significant improvements over the next year and a half. New intersection will allow easier access to the Appartment Complex “Preobrazhenskii kvartal”, since the city transport would actually use the intersection whilst the transit traffic would use the overpass, hence not impacting the congestion within the city.

It is planned that the project will be finished in 2017. When it is complete, M7 “Volga” highway within the city of Balashiha will have 5 rows in each direction, 3 of which will be used for transit, and would facilitate entrance and exit in and out of the city. Such planning allowed the city to lose multiple traffic lights which will increase the overall speed on the road as well as solve traffic issues that were caused by drivers in transit through Balashiha.

Which means that appartments in Apartment complex “Preobrazhenskii kvartal” will become even more attractive as a household option – high construction quality and being situated in the heart of Balashiha, now comes with an easy access option.

Video of the highway construction.