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9 reasons to settle your family home in the Apartment complex “28th Microdistrict”

9 reasons to settle your family home in the Apartment complex “28th Microdistrict” 17.04.2017

9 reasons to settle your family home in the Apartment complex “28th Microdistrict”

Purchase of real estate is a major decision, which is always well thought-out. When a search for an apartment is involved, especially an apartment for a long term, even the tiniest of details are measured and evaluated. In this article we will tell you, why “28th Microdistrict”, located at the heart of Balashiha, will be the right choice for you!

1.       Experienced and reliable construction company

Whether or not you will get the expected satisfaction from your real estate purchase, largely depends on the quality of the construction. Apartment Complex “28th Microdistrict” is being constructed by “DM Holding” – reliable developer in the Moscow State region with a lot of experience regarding operations on the real estate market.

2.       Transport Accessibility

Our complex can be accessed both with your personal or public transport. “28th Microdistrict” is located at the heart of Balashiha, just 5km away from MKAD, on the intersection of Enthusiast Highway and Soviet street.

According to the federal plans of Russian road agency, there is a plan that is currently being realized, which will make the intersection near our complex less congested and will increase its ability to absorb traffic considerably.

The closest station to our complex is –“Gorsovet”. You can reach it via public transport from the following stations:

m.Vihino – Trolleybus 64 to the Federal prospect with a layover, father taking a shuttle bus 108,110,193 (travel time 18 minutes)

m.Izmailovo – 6 minute walk  to m.Partizanskaya, than proceed to take the bus 336 or a shuttle bus 322 (travel time 31 minutes)

m. Izmailavskaya – shuttle bus 588 (travel tile 17 minutes)

m.Novogireevo – shuttle bus 110 ( travel time 20 minutes)

m. Partizanskaya – bus 336 or shuttle bus 322 (travel time 31 minutes)

m. Perovo – shuttle buses 587, 886 (travel time 23 minutes)

m.Schelkovskaya – bus 396 (travel time 34 minutes)

Near the city there are Leonovskoe, Pazinskoe and Nosovihinskoe highways, which can also be used to access the city.

3.       Developed infrastructure

Kindergartens, schools, clinics, shops, pharmacies, banks, shopping malls – just to name a few accessible features that are within pedestrian access from “28th Microdistrict”. Full list of objects can be found here.

Sport lovers will rejoice knowing that there is a nearby skiing resort “Lisya Gora”, sports club and a pool.

4.       Healthy Ecosystem: Clean air in the big city


Close to “28th Microdistrict” you can find Kychinski park, where local residents enjoy to walk and do sport activities.

On the park territory, you can find 2 historic villas and three rivers.

Plants on the territory of the apartment complex and a forest in the proximity will guarantee that the residents breathe clean air.

5.       Original attractive design and architecture


Monolith – brick houses of “28th Microdistrict”, constructed based on an individual author project, looks esthetic, modern and presentable.

Contrasting facades are completed in two different brick types: Dark brown “Mokko” and a lighter tone “White Nights”. Ground floors are completed in a stylish chromogranin.

6.       Modern Materials

Newest technologies of double heat and sound isolation with use of modern technology will prevent you facing the cold in the winter and keep the sound out.

Sound isolation is provided by a triple layered outside construction with increased sound isolation. The project also includes sound proof ceilings and “swimming floors”

“Swimming floors” is one of the most efficient, ecologically friendly and practical ways to increase sound isolation in one’s apartment. When used the multi layered floor is layered in such a way that these layers never come in contact with the floor dividers, thanks to which the sound is prevented from being spread.

All of the heating systems are stretched within special compartments outside of the apartments, allowing to avoid the problems of tubes ruining the interior design and allow for a more precise temperature regulation in each and every room.

7.       Comfortable planning


Ceiling 2,8 m away from the floor, balconies and lodges that are sound proof, big kitchens from 9 to 25,5 sq.m., big rooms with windows facing the interior of the apartment complex – apartment of “28th Microdistrict” are designed to provide maximum comfort.

All single and double bedroom apartments in the 4th building face the interior ground of the complex and look south, so they are exposed to daylight for most of the day.

Triple bedroom apartments in sections 1 and 2 of this building have windows on both sides of the building, which is most attractive to the residents of the higher floors. Beautiful view of both the urban and park outlook, will attract you eye throughout the year.

Another unique feature of building 4 is that at floors 22 – 23   there is a limited amount of two-storey pent houses.

Planning of the second building is nothing short of designer’s work. Planned to have all single bedroom apartments in section one and all double bedroom apartments in section 2.

All single bedroom apartment has access to only side of the building, whilst double bedroom apartments have access to both sides.

Single and double bedroom apartments in section free have trapezoid forms which allows for more creativity in the planning of the interior.

All triple bedroom apartments in sections 3 and 4. Sizes from 90,1 sq. m and bigger  have windows on both sides and trapezoid kitchens.

Section 4 is special for it features triple bedroom apartments over 100sq. m. with big kitchen-living room spaces of 25,5 sq.m – ideal for creating your perfect interior


8.       The life in the Complex is thought through to very little details

When we talk comfort, each detail matter. According to the plan of“28th Microdistrict” these features are included:

-Ameliorated territory around the complex with children playground and places for sport activities.

-Parking lots

-6-level paking lot for 1100 spaces

-Concierge rooms in the entry of each section

-individual counters for water, gas and electricity installed in every apartment.

Also the ground floor of building 4 features small convenience store, which comes in very handy when you do not feel like leaving the complex.

9.       Prices

Average price of a single bedroom in Moscow – 6 million roubles, if you add just a little bit, you can purchase a full-fledged triple bedroom apartment in “28th Microdistrict”