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From “Preobrazhenski kvartal” to “28th Microdistrict”


From “Preobrazhenski kvartal” to “28th Microdistrict”

We changed the name of our project, changed our logo and moved to a new web-site – www.balashiha28.ru

What spurred us towards making such a difficult step?

Microdistrict 28, where our Appartment complex is located – is one of the most prestigious and comfortable microdistricts for living in Balashiha.

When you are choosing an apartment in our complex, you choose a life in a good social climate, surrounded by developed infrastructure, big forest-park zone and improved vehicle accessibility. All of that just 5 km away from MKAD!

The territory where “DM Holding” is constructing the new apartment complex is locally associated mostly with territorial placement – this part of town was always named the “28th Microdistrict”

 That’s why we decided to change the name of our complex, and to tie in the name of our complex with the geographical location named “28th Microdistrict”, to highlight the special placement of our complex. Whilst the new name implies a new logo and a new site!

Please save the hyperlink to a new site: www.balashiha28.ru

Notice: www.dm-holding.ru will be supported, in fact its design will see an update in the near future.