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Upcoming plans of “DM Holding” Construction of the 2nd Building!


Upcoming plans of “DM Holding” Construction of the 2nd Building!

We plan to perform a series of demolition works in agreement with the administration to clear out “emergency” housing and relocation of its current residents. House number 6 has been demolished on august 26th 2015 and it signified a start of a major relocation effort.

 Until the end of 2015 we plan to begin the construction of the 2nd building in the Apartment Complex. The building will consist of 4 wings: two nineteen storey wings, and two twenty-four storey building.

At the moment, we have finished construction of two of the five planned buildings within our apartment complex. Relocation of residents is done according to the government program and it does not intend to expand in terms of size on the currently owned apartments. ”DM Holding” has taken into consideration the requests of a few relocating residents, offering them to participate in shared ownership of the apartment complex. All future settlers have the ability to purchase housing directly, which is important at the times of economic instability.