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Access to Apartment Complex “Preobrazhenski Kvartal” – fast and easy!


Access to Apartment Complex “Preobrazhenski Kvartal” – fast and easy!

One of the first questions asked by a settler: How to make your way to the new home?

Despite the fact that our apartment complex is located in a very favorable position on the crossing between the Sovetskaya st. and Enthusiastov highway, you can’t always get access freely to the block, be it via personal or public transit.

Thankfully, the issue of transportation in the area is being resolved on the federal level. As we were informed by a certified specialist Aleksey Borisov who works at the Federal road agency and is personally responsible for the highway between Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod in the upcoming years there are plans to renovate Gorkovski highway which includes construction of three new junctions: On the junction between Gorkovski Highway with Obeszlnoi highway (18th km), Leonovski higway (22nd km), as well as Sovetskaya st.(21st km).

At the moment, the construction is at stage one: Reallocation of all communication lines (Waterpipes, Gas pipes, Electricity and communication lines, Sewage, etc.) At the same time, there is construction of two pedestrian bridges over the rivers Prohorovka and Chernavka.

During the second stage, there are plans of creating 3 row side roads, which will eventually be used to facilitate movement within the city, and only after that a second storey overlay will be built to make sure that the Highway speeds directly above, without affecting the city traffic. All works are planned to be complete by the end of 2017.