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About us

Company group «DM Holding» – One of the leading developers in the Moscow region, which managed to realize various investment projects over the course of the last 12 years. We provide profitable offers both to our customers and business partners, whilst guaranteeing results and high quality of the construction.

The main field of work of «DM Holding» is real estate investment and construction operations in segments of residential and commercial real estate. Being a company of the complete cycle, we execute all realization steps of an investment project, including:

  • Obtaining funding

  • Settling the terms of construction with authorized government representatives, attaining all necessary documentation for construction.

  • Construction Planning

  • Construction

At the same time, we realize social tasks, by participating in government programs that include demolition of dilapidated housing and emergency dwellings, as well as relocation of residents affected by demolition into new brick-monolith houses, constructed by «DM Holding». In particular, in the city district Balashiha, company group «DM Holding» is relocating residents from 6 houses, where more than 120 families live.

Company group «DM Holding» was created in 2004. During the lifetime of the company group we have realized multiple projects in Moscow and Moscow state.

2007 – The company group has finished an investment project of renovating an office building in the «Zamoskvorechye» district;

2009 – Finished the project about gathering all necessary documentation and permits for the beginning of construction of an office center located in the South-west side of Moscow.

Starting in 2010 «DM Holding» is working of realizing a major construction project of a residential complex in the center of Balashina, Moscow Estate – Residential complex «Micro district 28», which includes the construction of 5 multi-apartment houses and a garage – parking lot with 1110 parking slots available.  For more information proceed to the project website «Micro district 28» - https://balashiha28.ru.

The Mission Statement

«DM Holding»s Mission is to build secure, comfortable and affordable housing as well as making an effort to improve the architectural outlook of Russian cities. We put major focus on development of infrastructure and amelioration of the adjacent territories. During the planning process, aside from housing we also plan for creation of social institutions (kindergartens, schools, commercial housing etc.)   and quality of life improvements (Parking lots, Playgrounds, parks, storages for housing needs etc.). «DM Holding» builds housing using individual author projects, using innovative technologies and materials.

Our every realized project – result of work of many specialists of different qualification. Engineers, architects, designers, technologists, specialists in the fields of water supply, heating, ventilation meticulously plan out every detail of a future project, to make sure that it ends up being comfortable, secure and long lasting.